Person details

Dana grew up in television ever since she was 3 years old, when she was chosen to appear in childrens’ shows. She got prizes in national poetry and music contests, individually and with artistic groups. After finishing high school, she was employed by the Public Television, TVR. She hosted and produced entertainment shows. The “Scoala Vedetelor” show (Stars’ School), for which she was a host and an editor represented a phenomenon in 1994-1998′s Romania. The programme got the first prize at the Montreux Festival in 1996. After finishig her journalism studies, Dana went on with other projects. The well-known  television personality, Valeriu Lazarov,  chose her as programme director for some of the most successful entertainment shows in Romania: “Surprize, Surprize”, “Ciao, Darwin”, “Errors’ Night”. She worked for TVR (the Public television) and Antena 1 as the producer of some of the leading shows in Romania. She was an executive manager of the Production House Intact (Antena1). At present, she produces “Plasa de stele”, a farse show that is one of the public’s favourites.