Person details

Class 2012

Taeho was born and raised up in Seoul, South Korea and had a chance to study at the graduate school of the university of South Carolina in U.S, enrolling in MBA course for two years.  After his graduation, Taeho had landed Samsung Electronics in his first job career in 1995, working to sell home-appliance products such as refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner etc all over the world.  He has determined to move to KBS in 2002, mainly because of his personal intention to challenge the fast-booming TV entertainment industry in Korea.  He has been assigned at KBS to distribute KBS’s international TV channel of KBS World globally and he also is currently in charge of licensing TV program format to other production company eager to acquire the most successful format originally made by KBS.

There have been a lot of TV program formats both imported and exported in Korea and Taeho has been involved with several deals by distributing KBS TV formats mostly to Asian countries.  He believes that the pervasion of the standard practice and expertise in format business in Korea would contribute to enhancing the size and volume of Korean broadcaster or TV production company’s format deals.