Person details

Teut Weidemann
Consultant, Online Entertainment, Germany

Teut Weidemann has been working in the professional gaming Industry since 1987. He already started working with computer games as a hobbyist on Commodore Pet 2001 in 1981, selling his first creations on cassette tape in school. As a development director for Softgold and Rainbow Arts during the golden Home Computer age, he shipped over 40 titles on the now classic platforms. His career took him through consulting a Nobel prize winner and Microsoft Games in Seattle until he finally founded his own Development Studio Wings Simulations in 1996. For 10 years he has led the studio, and successfully sold it to a publisher. His milestones were being one of the first German developers with a world wide publishing contract and the products Panzer Elite and Söldner – Secret Wars. He also showed how successful community building can support an online product.

In 2005 Teut was hired as CTO for the public listed CDV AG, one of the oldest German publishers, where he was in charge of development, marketing and technology. Since June 2007 Teut has been consulting various companies in their efforts entering the new gaming platform: the Internet: Since 2011 he has been hired by Ubisoft/Bluebyte as an online game specialist after he has assisted Ubisoft in publishing the highly successful browsergame “Die Siedler Online”, which won the “Browsergame of the year 2011” award recently.