Person details

Tom Schmidlin is one of the Chief Editors / Producers of the Entertainment Departement of SF (Swiss Television).

Tom launched the label „SF bi de Lüt / SF with the people“ three years ago. Under this label productions like „Village on a Diet“, „Heimspiel“, „Tellspiele“, „Familiensache“ were realised. The most successful productions were „Landfrauenküche / Country Womens Cooking“ and „Über Stock uns Stein / Over Hills and Dales“. This atumn „Landfrauenküche“ was realised for the third time and the third season of „Über Stock und Stein“ will start in spring 2010. Both formats reached around 40 %  in the current season. „Landfrauenküche“ was also realised all over  Germany in 2009.

Tom began his career 2003 as a producer of several game shows for SF (Swiss Television) after graduating from the Ringier School of Journalism.

Before that Tom was a freelancing journalist and producer.