Person details

Class 2012

After studying journalism, Vanessa Hick gained her first experience at the regional televison channel in 2002. There she co-operated on several documentaries. This experience, in turn, aided her during her first jobs for national TV shows.
As a freelancer, Vanessa has worked for all the Flemish channels in Belgium as well as for several production companies where she worked as a director.
She co-operated on programmes in wide variety of genres such as gameshows (Fata Morgana), reality shows (My Restaurant Rules, The Block, Farmer Wants a Wife, Beauty and the Nerd), adventure shows (Peking Express, Mercator), docu-soaps (Life Like It Is), studio shows (So You Think You Can Dance). Telling a good story has always been her priority. Her passion for creating a story continued to grow and led to her abonnement as editor-in-chief / story editor for programs such as Who Wants to Marry my Son, With 4 In A Bed and Stricktly Come Dancing.