Person details

Viktoria graduated in Business Administration in American International University, she started to work early as acquisition manager for the youngest and the most dinamic channel in Ukraine — New Channel. Her main tasks were to maintain business relationships with majour and independent companies, also New channel was one of the first in Ukraine who started to adapt international formats.   It was a hard path as the channel with the youngest audienth had to fight for the viewer in very conservative Ukrainian society, were imported show from Russian were on the first place.

Since 2009 Viktoria moved to TV channel Studio 1+1, the first commercial broadcaster in Ukraine on position of Programming Director. Past two years made huge change in Ukrainian television, Viktoria and her team were the first among all Former USSR countries who has dare to moved to vertical scheduling and succeeded with it. This change has forced dramatic move from ready made Russian product  that dominated on the territory for the past ten years to  local production. Now Studios 1+1 is the clear leader in prime time, and a trend setter for the local production. They were the firs one who brought factual reality on Ukrainian TV, and now they are looking for the new genre.