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Virginia Mouseler
Managing Director of The WIT, France

Virginia Mouseler is the co-founder of The WIT, the leading agency specialized in research and information on TV programs worldwide.

After graduating in philosophy and psychoanalysis, she graduated from a top tier business school. She published two novels and an essay in psychoanalysis, all translated into several languages.

In 1996, Virginia founded The Wit, analysing new creative ideas in television.

The Wit services are used by the most active broadcasters, producers and distributors worldwide: “the Daily Wit”, for projects and pilots, “the Fresh“ online database for Tv and Web Tv programmes, The “Fresh Projects” database about new upcoming ideas, “The Cool” for creative trends, the “WitspottER” for Social TV analytics and “The Wit Schedules” for programming strategies.

With The Wit’s Geneva-based team and researchers worldwide, she follows the emerging trends in all genres of programmes around the world.

Her “Fresh tv” conferences at Mipcom and MipTv in Cannes are the most packed events of both markets.