Person details

Class 2012

Since he arrived at VRT, 4 years ago, Wim is working as an executive producer for the daily soap, THUIS.  The soap is on screen now for more than 17 years (195 episodes/year) and today has a daily market share of 41 %, still growing every year.  By the end of this season the 3400th episode will go on screen. For this show, Wim is not only in charge of the daily production tasks but also of the commercial deals (Product Placement) and of finding new ways of storytelling on New Media. Wim came from an independent production company, Sylvester Productions, where he worked first as an event manager of mainly big public events for VRT.  Later he became production assist and producer of the weekly drama series “Kinderen van Dewindt”.

Wim is mainly interested in new – effective – ways of producing, and branding your show.  He is looking for best practices on how you can keep a daily returning show at a high level and up to date;  make it & keep it a fresh brand  in a cost-effective way without loosing – or even improving – the production value. Besides that, Wim is convinced that our job is about storytelling and wants to learn from practices from all over the world how you can translate to or tell your story on any kind of media.  All this to move people and let them experience the story.