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Producer / Director - Zhejiang Satellite TV (ZJSTV)

Yu is Director of the strategic development department of Zhejiang Satellite TV and has been in the TV industry for over 20 years, working as a successful TV program producer of both indoor variety shows and outdoor reality shows for over a decade, known for her efficiency, dedication and emphasis in post production.

Zhejiang Satellite TV is a comprehensive satellite TV channel affiliated to the Zhejiang Radio & Television Group. In 2012, ZJSTV announced its slogan of being ‘The No.1 Dream Channel’ and presented the phenomenal music talent show: ‘Voice of China’. In 2014, ZJSTV launched the reality competition show ‘Running Man’ (Chinese version). In 2015, ZJSTV has won the ’Most Powerful Provincial TV Channel of the Year’.

Yu’s credits include:

  • Chief Producer ‘Running Man’ – the outdoor reality competition show jointly produced by ZJSTV and the production team of the original Korean version from SBS Korea. ‘Running Man’ has won numerous No.1 audience ratings for TV programs showing on Friday nights (by CSM Media Research), and has been broadcasted in several Asian countries and regions;
  • Chief Producer ‘24 Hours’ – the large outdoor reality series presented by ZJSTV with shooting location including Thailand, Singapore, UAE and Czech Republic. The show has won a remarkable audience rating since its first episode launched in January 2016, and will present its second season early 2017;
  • Chief Producer ‘Dream of China’ – the original variety show produced by ZJSTV, devoted to make the dreams of ordinary people come true. The show has till now 9 seasons and owns a large group of loyal audience and a positive social impact.