Master Class #1 2014 – “DEVELOPING FORMATS”

Think It. Build It. Tweak It.  Sell It. Again and Again.



You may have a good idea. You may even have a homegrown show. But do you have a format that you can trade around the world? The promise of big money is riding on shows that could be format hits. Yet, for most, the business of the format business is a labyrinth ruled by just a few who are big enough to operate on a global scale. What are the tricks of the trade? What is the inside track? How can newcomers break in? How can you scout what’s hot? Who are the ruling tastemakers? How do you scale a great idea into a format hit?

Our DEVELOPING FORMATS Master Class will take you through the A to Z of format development – from ideation to commercialisation. To understand the art and the business of formatting it is necessary to recognize the key elements and ground rules that are built in as the format is developed – from scratch to screen and beyond. The curriculum of this Master Class is tailored to equip you with the skills you need to run your format business, exploring the TOOLKIT, the PROCESS and the PRODUCT of format development.

Application Deadline: June 10, 2014

Curriculum Overview:

June 13:
Arrival and Welcome Dinner

DAY #1 – June 14 | @MMC Studios
Trend Watch: What’s Hot, What’s Not?
Audience Research: What You Should Know About Your Audience
Understanding People: How to Manage Creatives & the Creative Process
EMC Dinner

DAY #2 – June 15 | @Hotel im Wasserturm
From Paper to Pilot & Beyond: Developing & Directing Television Entertainment
The Format Creator’s Tool Kit: How to Format Your Show
The Inside Story: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – 12 Years in Development
EMC Dinner

DAY #3 – June 16 | @Hotel im Wasserturm
Brand It Up: How to Supersize It Across All Screens
When the Audience Strikes Back: Developing Online Entertainment
The Inside Story: GoggleBox
EMC Dinner

DAY #4 – June 17 | @Hotel im Wasserturm
Diagnostic Master Class:  Clues to Why Shows Succeed
10 Things I Learned: Understanding the Business of the Format Business
Copyright or Right to Copy? How to Deal With Format Disputes
NRW Filmparty

June 18:
Breakfast & Departure Desk





When: June 14 – 17, 2014 | Arrival Day: June 13 / Departure Day: June 18
Where: Cologne, Germany | MMC Studios & Hotel im Wasserturm







The Locations: Day 1 will be hosted at MMC Studiosone of Europe’s largest and most advanced TV and film studio operators. Among MMC’s recent TV entertainment productions are The X FactorGerman Idol,  Germany’s Got Talent, Keep Your Light Shining and the live finale of Germany’s Next Top Model. 

On day 2, 3 and 4 our seminar home will be at the iconic 140 year old ‘Hotel im Wasserturm’Once Europe’s largest water tower, the listed brickwork building was partly destroyed during World War II and converted into a luxury boutique hotel by British engineer John Moore in the early 90’s . The master class will commence with the annual NRW Filmparty by NRW Film & Medienstiftung on June 17.


For more information email Rebecca Roth or call us at +49 30 27 57 21 30.
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Speakers and Mentors for “Developing Formats” from the EMC Academy include: