Tel Aviv | December 2-8, 2013

Mark Goodson, the father of game shows, once said, “The greatest challenge in the world is to create a new game show”.  Mark always thought that creating a game show was akin to designing and crafting a perfect watch mechanism. He realized that game show creators had to be a blend of designers, technicians and mechanics – and that audiences could tell when the tick of a watch was not perfect.

A glance through the sub genres of game shows reveals the rich palette that creators of this genre of entertainment have to work with today and how this palette has enriched the work of the creators of other television genres; from quiz shows to comedy panel shows, from talent shows to reality competition Shows – at the heart of such Shows you’ll often find a game engine, however large or small the mechanics of the game have to work. As new technologies offer viewers more screens and more ways to play along with TV, games are playing an ever increasing role across all Genres of Television entertainment.

At the heart of the “Game Shows & Games” Master Class is the opportunity to learn from the masters of this genre how to take ideas from scratch to screen and beyond, focusing on both: how to make the show & how to make the money. The curriculum is designed to give the participants a greater understanding of the art and the business of game shows and games, directing them through the process of creating, developing, pitching, packaging, formatting, producing and distributing their entertainment properties. Essentially, it is about the “how to”. The programme is built around the experience of leading practitioners, giving an inside look on how they research trends, pitch ideas, create formats, run shows, and negotiate deals. Taking place in Tel Aviv, one of the hot beds of innovation in technology across all screens, the programme blends visionary lectures and practical group work with in-depth dialogues between television executives, format creators and entertainment entrepreneurs.

The “Game Shows & Games” Master Class is comprised of five days of instruction: Each day consists of presentations, case studies, interactive workshops and plenary sessions. At the end of each day, the participants will have the opportunity to book one-on-one mentoring sessions with the speakers. The programme embraces an educational as well as a social philosophy: worthwhile learning takes place when participants connect beyond the classroom. Industry mentors are committed to give feedback, advice and guidance, both inside and outside the classroom.

Day 1

  • Screening: TV Trend Watch: What’s Hot in Game Shows?
  • Screening: All Things Digital: What’s Hot in Game Play?
  • Tool Kit: Culture Clash? Navigating Multi-Country Productions
  • Tool Kit: Cross-Platform Commissioning – What Buyers Want

Day 2

  • Tool Kit: Game Show Mechanics 101: Do the Maths
  • Tool Kit: Game Show Mechanics 101: How to Make Cleverly Simple Shows
  • Inside Story: Making Of: “Still Standing”
  • Tool Kit: Format Bibles Inside Out: How to Write the Bible

Day 3

THE TEL AVIV PITCH CLUB – “TV meets TECH” | at Google Campus

  • Tool Kit: The 10 Commandments of Television
  • Tool Kit: Handling Ideas: Visualizing & Mapping Ideas
  • Tool Kit: The Art of Formats and The Science of Pitching
  • Pitching Session: TV meets TECH.

Day 4

  • Tool Kit: Format Development | Handling & Visualizing Ideas
  • The Inside Story: From Cash Mountain to Millionaire
  • From Scratch to Screen: How to Develop Ideas
  • Tool Kit: 10 Things I Learned from Doing Cross-Media

Day 5

  • Tool Kit: The Tricks of the Trade: How to Sell Your Format
  • Tool Kit: Format Deals Inside Out: How to Negotiate the Deal
  • Local Roots, Global Reach: How to Make Your Format Travel
  • The Inside Story: The “AHA” Experience

*Sessions and speakers subject to change

Contact and Application:

For more information and application details please contact Clara Brockmann, or call us: +49 (0) 30 27 57 21 30.

Seminar Venue – Haya Aloof

Haya Aloof

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PITCH CLUB Venue – Google Campus




Hotel – The Carlton Tel Aviv








Speakers and Mentors for Game Shows and Games include: