In our ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT Master Class , you’ll learn from leading practitioners how they balance the tension between the creative and the commercial side. From scratch to screen, we’ll explore how they invest in their intangible assets. We’ll analyze what roles creators, producers, networks, agents and distributors play, and how they position themselves as pioneers, publishers, aggregators, brokers and gatekeepers on the marketplace.
Today’s process of developing formats across different genres, platforms and screens is akin to engineering global entertainment brands and businesses. However, the business of mega format brands is ruled by just a few who are big enough to operate on a global scale. Who are those ruling tastemakers, and how can newcomers break in? Our FORMAT MASTER CLASS will explore the core skills and business savvy needed to create, develop and package your ideas as they are taken from scratch to screen – from your original thought to a format brand that you can trade around the world.
Three years is on average the time it takes for a great idea to become a series. From the moment you woke up in bed and wrote down your first notes, to the moment your name rolled in the credits at the end of the first episode. Our SHOWRUNNER MASTER CLASS will try to go along that journey, in a shorter time: three days to be precise. We will hear from renowned creators, writers and producers how to tackle each phase.