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Our Program

The Circle

The Circle, our 6-month Showrunning Mentorship Program, is a personalized, peer-to-peer mentorship experience, for the best up and coming talent to take their careers to the next level. The online and in person program brings top showrunners together with experienced writers, producers and executives from around the world to learn the complex skill set required to be a successful showrunner.

Showrunning MC

Exclusive access

Each Circle consists of 14 hand-selected international creatives who will foster an exclusive environment of trust and shared experiences with their mentors and mentees, each learning and benefiting from each others knowledge. No Circle is alike and is tailored to the specific needs of the participants.

Circle of trust

The participants engage in a personal journey and group journey, led by an advisor who ensures they each have access to the mentors and resources that best benefit their education, as well as encouraging the participants and mentors to support and grow with each other, creating lifelong professional relationships.

Personal mentorship

The experience is a balanced mix of knowledge and inspiration, analytical rationality and adventurous association. The program is uniquely designed to approach each topic in 3 Stages: Industry Input, Group Discussion and Personalized Follow Up. In this way, participants engage in whatever way best suits their learning style to maximize benefits.

The Format Masterclass

Thirty years ago, formats consisted of a few studio game shows before evolving into the huge money making machine that built multinational powerhouses and made millions for their creators, producers and networks. Now, genres of format programming include talent competitions, social experiments and scripted formats. At the same time, platforms have changed to cover online and mobile apps.

Today’s process of developing formats across different genres, platforms and screens is akin to engineering global entertainment brands and businesses. However, the business of mega format brands is ruled by just a few who are big enough to operate on a global scale. Who are those ruling tastemakers, and how can newcomers break in?

Yet, against such dazzling possibilities, some things still remain unchanged: Hits are scarce. It always begins with someone somewhere who has an idea, a good idea – and is able to sell and execute it.

During 3 days in Berlin, our FORMAT MASTERCLASS will explore the core skills and business savvy needed to create, develop and package your ideas as they are taken from scratch to screen – from your original thought to a format brand that you can trade around the world.


Format MC
Entertainment Management MC

The Entertainment Management Masterclass

Whether you’re negotiating budgets, fees, shares or rights, you’ll have to reach agreements that work for both sides: the show and the business of show business. Some may know all about the creative process, but sometimes very little about the commercial logic. Does this really matter? We think it does, because it leaves you with holes where crucial bits of knowledge ought to be. If you don’t understand both sides, your business will turn out to be flawed.

In our ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT Master Class, you’ll learn from leading practitioners how they balance the tension between the creative and the commercial side. From scratch to screen, we’ll explore how they invest in their intangible assets. We’ll analyze what roles creators, producers, networks, agents and distributors play, and how they position themselves as pioneers, publishers, aggregators, brokers and gatekeepers on the marketplace.

The rise and reach of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Apple are calling the business of the old media giants into question. Television is ever more frequently being told that it is threatened on all fronts, and, for those digital natives, totally yesterday. Yet, the value of a television audience continues to rise, even if millions now watch television on their phones. The question, however, is: who owns this audience?

Global streamers keep scooping up more and more viewers worldwide, across and beyond borders, languages and cultures that used to mark out segmented broadcasting markets from territory to territory. New block-chain technologies may be used to build open-protocol audit systems that can track and record each and every transaction with complete transparency, allowing rights owners to share, directly and immediately, in revenues that used to be hidden along the value chain. Looking ahead, we’ll discuss how all this might change what you do, and how you might reimagine and renew yourself when you navigate your business into the future.

Over the course of this three-day Master Class, through case studies, interactive discussions and negotiation simulations, we’ll expose you to ideas and insights that profoundly shape the way decisions are made in today’s rapidly changing business of television entertainment.


How to Join

Our Masterclass Program is selective, accepting no more than thirty participants for each Masterclass. As each Masterclass is only as good as its participants, we want to make sure that the group of people selected is a good fit, with the right amount of experience to build on to ensure a high level of success.

Our Masterclass Program is based on the conviction that creative thinking can be triggered when different minds who are willing to share come together in strong multidisciplinary groups. To ensure diversity of experience and background, we are looking for participants from the most diverse fields across the worldwide business of screen entertainment. Participants include creators, writing producers/producing writers, commissioners, broadcasters, distributors, advertisers and financers – from small start-ups to large organisations. We aim to reflect the diversity of the business all across the world’s markets, bringing both sellers and buyers together in a truly global classroom.

Participants should be fluent in English and willing to share their industry experience and knowledge.

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Entertainment Master Class

From curiosity to creativity, from experience to mastery.

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